When I ask other folks in the conservative anti-establishment movement who does their direct mail fundraising — more often than not, the answer is “HSP Direct.” They share our values and they get results.
Matt Kibbe, President & CEO


“God Bless everyone at HSP. You can’t possibly know just how big of an impact all of you have had on UAP and our efforts to aid in the defense of our soldiers and Marines. Thank you!” 
Major Herbert W. “Bill” Donahue, Jr., USMC-Ret

United American Patriots

“HSP is the first firm I recommend when asked for a referral. Their donor development capabilities are the best any client could ask for. Their cutting-edge list analysis and innovative approaches to new and long-term donor identification make them essential partners in any comprehensive fundraising program.”
Ron Robinson, President

Young America’s Foundation

“I’ve worked with just about every other direct mail company out there, and I can tell you that HSP blows them all away!”
David N. Bossie, President

Citizens United

“HSP Direct was an integral part of the campaign team that helped me win the most expensive race in Senate history — they raised over $7 million for the campaign.”
Senator Pat Toomey

“HSP Direct played a critical role in helping our campaign raise the resources necessary to win the most expensive senate race in US history. They continuously pushed the envelope and worked hand in hand with the campaign to not only meet our goals, but far exceed them. All told HSP Direct was responsible for raising $7.1 million (eclipsing the $4.8 million they raised for us in the 2010 cycle). Anyone would be hard pressed to find another senate race that raised what HSP Direct did for our campaign. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for a direct mail fundraiser.”

Peter Towey, Campaign Manager

Pat Toomey for Senate

“We’ve been thrilled with how quickly our direct mail program has come together. HSP Direct’s staff is knowledgeable, accessible and dedicated.” 
Grover Norquist

Americans for Tax Reform
Association of Mature American Citizens

“It is a delight to work with HSP Direct.  Their outstanding letters and groundbreaking list services grew our membership list by a million people in just a few years. We are proud to work with HSP Direct and to call them our friends.”

Dan Weber, President

Association of Mature American Citizens

“HSP Direct is a dependable fundraising partner who has created a vital source of income for us.  Their creative team delivers our message in a way that moves people to action and has built a strong national grassroots network of supporters.”

David Goder, Co-Founder of Secure America Now

Secure America Now