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Bob Adney

Account Executive

A recipient of a Direct Marketing Association of Washington’s Gold “MAXI” Award, Bob graduated from the University of Maryland College Park and has over 15 years of grassroots campaign experience.  It includes running ballot committees, candidate races, 501(c)3’s and 501(c)4’s.  He has worked on races across the country including Nevada, New York, Alaska, California, Montana, and Colorado.

Much of his experience is with issue advocacy and statewide ballot committees including a Taxpayer Bill of Rights and Eminent Domain initiatives in Nevada, defending term limits in California, and transparency initiatives in Alaska, Colorado, and Montana.  His work running political nonprofits and candidate races gives him a unique understanding of our client’s needs.

Bob joined the creative team at HSP Direct in November of 2012, after working for more than 2 years with our affiliated data company – Sunrise Data Services.