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Amber Ornelas



Amber joined HSP Direct in 2016 as a copywriter and loves crafting copy that not only informs, but inspires and gives the average person the ability to be a part of the conservative movements shaping our nation.

After graduating from The Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Writing, she went on to teach English in Nagoya, Japan, start her own freelance writing business — where she did everything from writing resumes to ghostwriting mini mystery novels — and intern at The Heritage Foundation.

New to the political arena, Amber is striving to become more adept in the field — even if that means asking her co-workers and peers “silly” questions about how it all works. Her goal is be able to show minorities, specifically African Americans, that whereas liberalism tells them that they can only succeed with help — from the government — conservatism tells them that they already have within themselves,  the awesome ability to rise above their circumstances and reach their fullest potential.